Former CIA officer Robert David Steele called Hillary Clinton a Pedophile


In a public interview session, former CIA agent and Marine, Robert David Steele, has called Hillary Clinton a pedophile. Then, when questioned to provide direct evidence, he walked back that claim by retroactively editing the comment where he’d made that assertion.

According to his Wikipedia page, Robert David Steele is a former CIA clandestine officer, former Presidential Candidate for the now defunct Reform Party, author, and advocate for Open Source Intelligence Gathering.

Over the weekend of Friday March 3rd through Sunday March 5th, Mr Steele was scheduled to appear at Reddit’s /r/conspiracy forum to answer questions. Known as an IAMA (I am a), it is akin to an informal press conference open to all. As of March 4th, this Q&A session is still ongoing.

In his AMA I asked him a range of questions about his public statements regarding a Trump’s election being an ‘ongoing coup against the deep state’.


Mr Steele responded with two unverifiable assertions, the most salacious of which directly claimed “Hillary Clinton is a lesbian pedophile traitor and criminal”.


An snapshot at the Wayback Machine was also made to confirm his statement.

I pressed Mr. Steele on what evidence he had as proof of Mrs. Clinton’s supposed sexual proclivities. He responded that there was…

…ample evidence that [Mrs. Clinton] has a [predilection] for youngish yoga instructors. Implied that she and her personal assistant Huma Abedin had some kind of ongoing sexual relationship, and that Abedin is a Saudi spy. And finally, that Hillary Clinton (along with her husband Bill) had visited Wall Street financier Jeffery Epstein’s island residence…

Epstein, a man who has been convicted and served prison time for child sexual offenses, hosting the Clintons presumably to engage in sexual activities with minors.

steele-reply-on-pedophiliaIn followup questions, I asked Mr. Steele if he knew of documentation or had personally witnessed any criminal pedophilia by Hillary Clinton, and if he was able to state this as sworn testimony the record at a formal deposition.


Whereupon Mr. Steele then edited his prior comment where he’d alleged pedophilia by Mrs. Clinton, to make it appear a statement of opinion and not fact.


Since he has repeatedly claimed in radio interviews and on his Youtube channel that Hillary Clinton is a pedophile, I asked if this edit to his response to me indicates he — in fact — does not know if Hillary Clinton is a pedophile as he’s stated to me and before.

Those followup questions have yet to be answered.

Pedophilia, or sex with minors, is a serious criminal offense and felony throughout the world. It is an allegation capable of destroying lives and careers. Yet Hillary Clinton has not been charged or convicted of any felonies, much less sex offenses. This is on the public record.

Thus, an assertion as fact of criminal sexual misconduct by Mrs. Clinton might be construed as defamatory speech, spoken or written with ‘actual malice’ and ‘reckless disregard for the truth’. And thus she might consider Mr Steele’s statement damaging to her public reputation. If so, I’m sure Mrs. Clinton has access to the best libel attorneys in the United States.

But this brings up the question: Why would a retired CIA agent make scandalous claims against a former Presidential candidate, without any evidence whatsoever?